GIS Strategic Services

Better Strategy + Better Investments = Efficiency through GIS Technology

Digital innovation has changed the game for the geospatial sector. By leveraging the right advancements, organizations can grow tremendously through fast, precise, and rich data that can be used for better decision making. 

We  approach technological difficulties from both a business and a geographical standpoint, allowing us to offer a strategy that will address your primary pain points. We provide insight through careful analysis and deep understanding of technology and industry trends in order to recommend sustainable solutions that will best fit your needs.

We not only develop a strategy and solution roadmap for our clients, but we also deploy, optimize, and support the process from start to finish. 


Geospatial (GIS) Services

GIS Needs Assessment

We perform a comprehensive review of your current geospatial environment to identify “gaps” and determine priorities. Our goal is to craft a plan of action that will guide you to invest and allocate resources better to increase organizational performance with spatial technology.

GIS Strategy & Planning

Our team will work with you to define business, functional, and technical goals and objectives, while considering time and cost factors, to lead your GIS efforts to success. Our job is to help solve the problem by determining optimal solutions that will provide you a clear vision without all the confusion. 


Geospatial Design involves defining how the geographic features are to be represented for each theme or layers (as points, lines, polygons, or rasters) along with their tabular attributes for implementing rich GIS behavior (topologies, networks, and raster catalogs), and defining spatial and attribute relationships between datasets.

GIS Data Build & Testing

We collect, design, develop, and manage geospatial data for mapping, analysis and testing to help you manage your resources and solve challenges. 

GIS Integration

We help move your GIS data seamlessly through different sources and targets, while eliminating data redundancy. We will support your integrations across multiple platforms (On Premise, Hosted and Cloud).

GIS Operational Support

The importance of GIS is ultimately seen in how well the installed solutions are operated in a production environment. We stay with you to provide ongoing support and technical upgrades to ensure a lasting efficiency from your investment.

IBM Maximo Spatial Asset Management

IBM Maximo Spatial has the capability to easily integrate with Esri ArcGIS and other mapping solutions to easily enhance full asset management. Through visualizations and mapping, Maximo Spatial can identify relationships among your assets. Maximo Spatial Asset Management will allow you to visualize mapping of assets, work orders. work locations, and service request data for the optimization of asset and work management.  

GIS Technology in Transportation

 GIS Analytics, Mapping, and Digital Technology have the potential to completely transform    the way a transportation system is managed. Spatial Intelligence can enable better route management, increased field worker efficiency, better customer engagement, and increased health and safety benefits.