EAM Strategy

ZPro takes a holistic approach to Asset Management – this is essential for assessing a client’s foundation and understand its current state. We do this through our maturity assessments and in meeting with individual stakeholders and then aiding department experts to understand the strategy. These assessments are vital in developing a successful roadmap that drives an organization’s EAM implementation or improvement of its current Asset Management solution.

EAM Strategy

Asset Maturity & Capabilities

An Asset Management program’s success is centered on doing the right maintenance at the proper interval at the right time with the right resources and materials. This phase of the cycle allows our team to access the current Asset Management program’s maturity and the ability of existing resources to perform and complete the Asset Management tasks effectively. 

Our team utilizes a process to interview staff from the top-down to ascertain the Asset Management program’s current state, as thought to be from the top to what is being done at the bottom. This information is then ranked and categorized to develop an overall assessment value. Based on the process performed many times over, it allows us to make recommendations and identify risk areas to the Asset Management solution moving forward.  

A vital aspect of the assessment is how and what program information is captured and how it is categorized to develop an overall Asset Management program roadmap. The roadmap developed will outline specific projects generally associated with three main categories: Organizational Capability, Policy and Process Frameworks, and Technology Solutions. 

EAM Strategy

Develop Strategic Asset Management Plans, Roadmaps, and Projects

ZPro can help you in many ways with your overall strategy. We can help layout a roadmap towards EAM excellence, planning all the steps needed to achieve that goal. This roadmap will include all aspects of developing Organizational Capability, Policy and Governance Frameworks, and Technology Solutions.

The development of Organizational Capability is centered around aspects of your team’s roles, responsibilities, and capabilities related to the asset management process. The development of a Policy and Governance Framework centers on developing engagement rules pertaining to how your teams will conduct themselves during the asset management engagement.

The Technology Solution is an overarching architecture design of the enterprise system and the applications selected to provide the best means to capture the data, store the data, and to provide useful information for making intelligent business decisions. It might also include defining a plan based on the asset standards developed for collecting necessary data. We work to collect asset data to design and re-design business processes for Asset Intake. All projects conclude with proper guidance for sustainable operations and staging for future technical advances.

For ZPro, the focus is always on the needs of the individual client. We will help you define the actions and projects that need to be executed to achieve your specific EAM strategic needs.