Innovative Add-on Solutions

We leverage both our project experiences and our client relationships to determine what solutions to develop to help improve your day - adding value through industry expertise.

Maximo Add-on Solutions

ZPro Time-Keeping System

“Why not record Labor in Maximo for all of our Projects?”

That was a question we asked ourselves when we realized we needed to simplify our labor reporting and billing procedures. The result was Z/TKS – Time Keeping and Project Tracking for Maximo. Now we can all benefit from timesheet data capture with:

  • Automated PTO Calculations
  • Data Presets
  • Employee Start Center
  • Manager Approvals
  • Labor Reporting
  • Project Tracking

ZPro Document Management

“Can I tag and store documents against my Maximo Assets and Equipment?”

The need for a Document Management solution has been discussed in just about every requirements workshop we have ever held. Now you can benefit from multi-media file capture against your assets and equipment:

  • Multiple File Types
  • File/Folder Structuring
  • Maximo Integration
  • Electronic Parts Catalog
  • Industry Requirements

ZPro Robotic Process Automation

“Can I keep my paper forms but still feed the data into Maximo automatically?”

Yes – developed with our partners, now you can capture data from any form versus having to adopt a digital solution. Ease of use, plus having a solution that adopts to you and your SOPs:

  • Workflow Orientation
  • OCR Data Capture
  • Forms Configuration
  • Maximo Integration
  • Work as you do today

ZPro NTD Transit Regulated Reporting

“There is nothing easy about NTD Reporting, but can you make sourcing data easier?”

The primary source of any regulated reporting should be your core asset management solution and not many spreadsheets. With Z/NTD, ZPro is allowing for an automated data flow to feed your NTD Reports and Asset Management Plans:

  • Multiple Regulated Report Formats
  • Maximo as an Auditable Data Source
  • Easy Data Extracts
  • Maximo Integration
  • AIP Integration