Data Architect

Our company is searching for an experienced Data Architect to join our talented team on a high-profile client project. We need to develop scheme(s) for categorizing data information and to create and maintain a library catalog that will assist client’s Investigations Division in extracting and archiving data from internal and/or external source. Your central responsibility as the Data Architect will be to develop, optimize and oversee the client’s conceptual and logical data systems. Your duties may include preparing architect reports, monitoring the system, and supervising system migrations.
We are seeking an individual experienced with examining new data system requirements and implement migration models. The ideal candidate will also have proven experience in data analysis and management, with excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities. We are in need of a Data Architect or someone of similar background to help lead their efforts in refining their data infrastructure using the most emergent technologies available, to analyze multiple data sets in the current environment, create models to seek fraudulent patterns, and establish business practices.


• Design and implement effective database solutions and models to store and retrieve company data.
• Examine and identify database structural necessities by evaluating client operations, applications, and programming.
• Assess database implementation procedures to ensure they comply with internal and external regulations.
• Install and organize information systems to guarantee company functionality.
• Prepare accurate database design and architecture reports for management and executive teams.
• Oversee the migration of data from legacy systems to new solutions.
• Monitor the system performance by performing regular tests, troubleshooting, and integrating new features.
• Recommend solutions to improve new and existing database systems.
• Educate staff members through training and individual support.
• Offer support by responding to system problems in a timely manner.
• Establish the new data forensics unit’s vision, strategy, organizational structure, and operating model, drawing from industry best practices
• Establish a master data management program for internal and external data
• Oversee data projects surrounding fraud, waste, and abuse for client’s customers and employees
• Monitor data streams
• Provide analytics and insights including high value targets
• Develop data projections around fraud, waste, and abuse trends
• Develop data projects for resource management around fraud management


• Strong knowledge of database structure systems and data mining.
• Excellent organizational and analytical abilities.
• Outstanding problem-solving, organizational, multi-tasking, and prioritizing skills
• Good written and verbal communication skills.
• Multitasking skills and task management strategies
• Clearly articulate questions and deliverables to a level of understanding for all parties involved
• Work on multiple projects and deliverables simultaneously
• Make business decisions and explain processes to others


• Minimum of 10 years’ experience
o Snowflakes
o DB2
o Tableau Reports
o Crystal Reports
o Analytics
o Oracle
o Datawarehouse
o Big Data
o Microsoft Access
• Minimum of 7 years’ experience
o Data analytics, visualization, and modeling concepts and tools.
o Data management, data governance, and data quality or data analysis.
o Data quality analysis and reporting in a combination of the following: multiple commercial functional areas, business lines, and data sources.
o Developing schema(s) for categorizing data information and maintaining a library catalog.
• 3+ years of experience creating vision, strategy, organization structure, and operating model drawing for a data forensics program.


• 5+ years of experience with data extractions and data interpretation.
• 5+ years of experience in data programming and experience with government databases.
• 2+ year working with private and sensitive personal information.
• 3+ years of experience compiling and organizing statistical information and presenting findings to management/team.
• Bachelor’s degree in mathematics, statistics, computer science, economics, psychology, sociology, demography, geography, anthropology, statistics, data science, or a research-related field.

Location: Sacramento, California
State Date: Immediate
Type: Full Time

To apply, please email your resume to