Project Management/Program Controls


Contract and Procurement Management

ZPro consultants are experienced in building relationships with agencies, client teams, and appropriate stakeholders in order to enter into successful contracts and agreements with cities, counties, state and federal agencies. We have dedicated professionals who prepare procurement documents such as RFPs, RFQs, REOIs, etc. and related contracts.

Cost Control

The ZPro Solutions team’s success in cost control and delivering projects within budget, is due to our process in confirming the project can be built within the determined budget. Many aspects of the project contribute to overall costs. Throughout planning and implementation, our team works collaboratively with the clients’ team and other project stakeholders to assure the project is designed to meet the clients’ needs, within the pre-determined and approved budget and schedule.

Project Document Control

ZPro Solutions has extensive experience in various facets of document control. Our team customizes Document Control systems and processes to meet the client’s needs which creates information transfer between the project team.  ZPro consultants collaborate with project leadership and various functional leaders to proactively monitor and address upcoming issues related to project documentation and requirements.


We work with project teams to develop accurate cost reports. We are able to produce regular reporting for our clients and establish online access to cost information for management staff, including identification and quantification of potential impacts and trends. ZPro Solutions has internal reporting methods in order to identify potential issues and to monitor established timetables and deadlines.


ZPro’s schedulers are responsible for complex analysis and review of project schedules and documentation. Our staff assists clients in establishing a schedule which includes all project tasks from planning to implementation.  Our program control consultants are skilled at analyzing drawings, specifications, and statements of work in the preparation and acceptance of usable baseline schedules for construction. The ZPro Solutions team works within the confines of our clients’ existing technology applications to establish proper scheduling and work breakdowns that integrate into our clients’ procedures.

Scope and Change Management

ZPro Solutions understands that scope change is natural. We understand that our job is not to stop scope change, but to successfully and swiftly manage that change and mitigate potential delay. We work with our clients to determine their new objectives and how those new objectives impact their organization’s initiatives. Our consultants work with the project team to get leadership approval for changes and then will assist in managing that change for a successful implementation.