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Welcome to the Maximo User Group information page where ZPro Solutions helps the Maximo end-user community stay informing about the latest IBM Maximo offerings, solutions, upgrades, and training through various SME’s, Maximo end-user presentations, Workshops, and most importantly networking with your peers on best practices, lessons learned, and of course tips and tricks to enhance your Maximo journey.


These Regional MUG and National MUG group events are typically one-day events and free of charge to Maximo end users. Light breakfast and lunch are included for on-site events.

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If you would be interested in sharing a story on best practices around Asset Management, Optimization of PM’s/Job plans, Linear, Mobility, Work Order Management, Inventory/Supply Chain, Warehouse Optimization, GIS mapping, Operator Inspections, Cloud hosting, etc. and showcasing your organization, we are always looking for interesting topics for 30-45 minute presentations to share with the MUG group community.

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Maximo Transportation User Group Webinar

September 17th, 2020

Agenda Topics:

The Maximo Transportation User Group is honored to have Dr. Christian Roberts presenting in a two-part presentation:

Improving Organization Resilience through Asset Management – Responding to COVID-19: The world was not prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic: Our approach to infrastructure management (transportation, utilities, government, education, and healthcare facilities) has had to rapidly change. This presentation presents some thoughts on how asset management and EAM systems can support new ways of management and delivery of essential functions to continue to provide critical services.  

An Introduction to the Institute of Asset Management: The Institute of Asset Management is the international professional body for asset management professionals. Established in 1994, the IAM develops asset management knowledge and best practice, and generates awareness of the benefits of the asset management discipline for the individual, organizations, and wider society. This presentation will provide a brief overview of the Institute. Its current status in the USA, the services we provide, and our aspirations as we pivot to providing more digital content will be presented.

Dr. Roberts is the Senior Vice President of Asset Management and Business Advisory for WSP USA Inc., leading asset management and digital asset management services across the USA. He has over 27 years of international experience in the rail and transit industry, providing organizational leadership to improve the delivery of customer services and driving asset management transformation – improving safety and reliability performance while reducing costs. Chris is also the Deputy President of the Institute of Asset Management – the global professional body for individuals and organizations responsible for managing critical infrastructure.

MaximoWorld 2020, Marco Island update – Terrence O’Hanlon – Reliability Web

What’s New in Maximo Scheduler v 7.6.8. – Shalabh Prasad / Lori Pilgrim – IBM

Maximo Scheduler v7.6.8 was released along with Maximo EAM v7.6.1.2 on July 24th. Join this session to learn about the new applications and usability enhancements and how they can benefit your schedulers and supervisors.

Refiner’s Fire – Removing Imperfections to Improve the Product and Reduce Costs at SMART – Bryan Crowley / TiLiAnne Tanner 

A journey through product improvements starting at the operator logs, creating issue specific fields, automated notification emails, auto filled service requests, regulatory reports, and onto work order tracking corrective maintenance. A tour of SMART’s thought process, evaluation of the project and reveal the can of worms discovered.

Projetech – Chris Winston / Joe Kelley 
Projetech Launches MORE: A Digital Community for IBM Maximo®


Jun 25th, 2020


Sept 17th, 2020


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