Industry Solutions & Add-Ons

Maximo Solutions

Maximo for Transportation

Maximo for Transportation improves the productivity of critical transportation assets and to address stringent regulatory requirements offering a complete solution with best practices to extend asset life, optimize parts management, and increase planned maintenance.for managing all types of transportation assets:

  • Locomotives, Rail Vehicles, and Consists
  • Fleets of Cars, Trucks, and Buses
  • Ships, Vessels and Aircraft

Maximo for Utilities

“Consolidate multiple work and asset management solutions into a single platform and database. Bring together assets such as transmission, distribution, power generation, water and wastewater treatment, vehicle fleet and facilities to help meet regulatory compliance.”

Maximo for Oil & Gas

IBM Maximo for Oil & Gas helps manage production equipment, facilities, transportation, and IT assets on one single platform. IBM Maximo for Oil & Gas provides oil & gas companies with best practices to help improve the productivity and efficiency of their critical assets.

Maximo for Life Sciences

Maximo for Life Sciences is a complete set of asset management solutions tailored for life sciences organizations that enables operational, service and maintenance managers to track and better manage assets critical to the performance of the business and to help maintain required service levels, all within regulatory compliance. Maximo for Life Sciences helps manage all assets from equipment, tools and laboratory instruments to maintenance and engineering facilities, to IT equipment such as mobile devices, IP-driven assets and servers.

Maximo for Service Providers

Maximo for Service Providers helps manage assets for multiple customers in a single deployed instance. Maximo for Service Providers helps lower total cost of ownership and increase profitability and customer satisfaction by managing your customer’s assets either through third-party outsourcing or internally shared services model.

Maximo for Nuclear Power

Maximo for Nuclear Power is a complete enterprise asset management system that manages the lifecycle of assets of nuclear plants and fleets. It streamlines and automates key asset management processes while providing a single platform for managing all asset types.

Maximo Add-ons

  • Maximo SchedulerMaximo Scheduler is asset management scheduling software that allows planners to view any upcoming work graphically, compare the required resources against those available, and adjust accordingly. Dispatchers can use maps to graphically monitor field technicians, work in progress, and status. Field technicians can receive work and provide real time status updates to the dispatcher.
  • Maximo MobileMaximo Anywhere allows remote access from most mobile devices to Maximo Asset Management processes – work and asset management. Manage field technicians with a modern interface that is customizable, to support your processes, your assets and your teams.
  • Mobile Forms InspectionsMobile Inspection Forms enable you to create an inspection form adding instructions that relate to specific inspection form questions that you create. You can associate an inspection form with an asset or location and associate a form with multiple assets or locations at the same time in addition to applying multiple inspections to a route. In addition you have the capability to conduct an inspection on your mobile device by using speech to text capabilities.
  • Maximo Linear Asset ManagerMaximo Linear Asset Manager Add-On extends the capabilities of IBM Enterprise Asset Management on Cloud Flex (Maximo) to include management of linear assets, enabling the change of characteristics over the span of a linear asset using dynamic segmentation.
  • Maximo Asset Configuration ManagerMaximo Asset Configuration Manager Add-On provides real-time calculation of an asset’s configuration and the component life of the asset.
  • Maximo Inventory InsightsMaximo Inventory Insights helps users reduces excess inventory and ensures parts are availability for mission-critical assets. It combines the ease-of-use of SaaS, the simplicity of a built-in analytics model, and the technological sophistication of predictive technology to automatically optimize inventory across multiple geographies, sites, and storerooms.
  • Maximo Health, Safety and Environment ManagerMaximo Health, Safety and Environment Manager Add-On supports enterprises in improving safety, reliability, and compliance with regulations. This solution provides a central application for reporting incidents spanning work, personnel, safety, health, and environmental areas.
  • Maximo CalibrationMaximo Calibration Add-On provides a solution to manage calibration assets and the standards used to calibrate them, with features such as traceability and reverse traceability, calibration history data, calibration data sheets, and reporting.
  • Maximo ArchivingMaximo Archiving provides IBM Maximo Asset Management users a way to archive, and optionally delete, historical data from their production system.
  • Maximo Service ProviderMaximo for Service Providers helps organizations improve service delivery by providing optimized billing and service management features. Maximo for Service Providers delivers a suite of applications that manage customer agreements, service delivery, supplier contracts, and customer billing.
  • Maximo ERP Adapter Connect Maximo to SAP or Oracle systems, using approved integration processes on both ends, for an end-to-end integration solution. Use preconfigured ERP adapters for Oracle and SAP to group related integration artifacts.
  • SCADA Device ConnectivityBuild a foundation for condition-based, preventative maintenance strategies and reduce reaction time to equipment failure. Integrate directly to Watson IoT Platform and deliver real-time equipment status, with actions quickly executed in Maximo.
  • Network on BlockchainLeverage the power of Blockchain to create more transparent, accurate and traceable asset transactions across your business networks. Use Maximo to manage teams and provider transactions across the entire asset lifecycle.