The Importance of Asset Information

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Asset information definition and collection is a missed aspect or is started too late in many organizations. This is due to many organizations not realizing when the definition and gathering of information should begin – This process begins in the conceptual stage of the asset. ZPro is a highly expericed team in the development of asset information policies, processes, standards, modeling and templates.

Asset information is more than Make, Model, Serial number. Asset Information is more than what is in the EAM system, it is information shared across multiple systems that required speific details necessary to determine overall health, cost, current location, avaibility, technical aspects and viability of the asset. This information should be captured or integrated and available in an EAM system. This information needs to be available not only for engineering, planners, safety, schedulers, finance resources and management, but the work force required to perform maintenance of the asset. This is true whether the asset is in an vendor or operating location, or still contained within the warehouse awaiting deployment to the field.

We work with clients to help them better understand what good asset information is, how to capture it, where & how to store it and use it when necessary in the process of an optimized asset management program.